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  • Name: eMMC
    Time: 2017 - 06 - 22
    eMMCICMAX eMMC has high efficiency, high speed, high compatibility and constant stability Characteristic, bring to customer not only safe, have acme of experience more. ICMAX eMMC has IDA, ECC, CRC, power failure protection, firmware Backup, global balanced wear and other features can greatly improve product compatibility and stability, Ensure the performance of customer products. ICMAX eMMC controller software is completely targeted by senior control team Develop a...
    Name: eMCP
    Time: 2017 - 05 - 17
    eMCP  ICMAX eMCP product USES the high performance control, and advanced original NAND Flash chip BGA encapsulation technology to integrate eMMC and LPDDR precision packaging, so as to realize the integration of small volume, big data after efficient, intelligent. ICMAX eMCP eMMC parts, in the original IDA, ECC, CRC, power-off protection, firmware, backup, balanced and wear properties, which can effectively help customers improve efficiency, reduce the cost, improve the user exper...
    Name: LPDDR
    Time: 2017 - 05 - 23
    LPDDR The ICMAX LPDDR is based on the JEDEC standard specification, which supports PoP stack packaging and independent packaging to meet the needs of different types of mobile devices. ICMAX LPDDR by ICMAX specialized research and development technical team timely follow up and validation of new technologies, such as LPDDR3 introduced two new technologies, to ensure that customers meet the demand of customer experience and the first time. - Write - Leveling and CA Training (Write ...
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