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Demand for NAND Flash is soaring, will SSD prices still increase? ICMAX will accelerates the develop

Date: 2020-04-18
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 Due to the widespread home office, online teaching, and online shopping, the demand for smart devices such as laptops and tablets has increased dramatically in various countries around the world. NAND Flash benefited from the rising demand for enterprise-grade SSDs and increased prices. In addition, NAND Flash is more tight than DRAM in the supply and demand environment, so the price increase is more obvious.

Demand for NAND Flash is soaring, will SSD prices still increase? ICMAX will accelerates the develop

Nowadays, whether it is an enterprise, a data center, or an individual, when faced with massive amounts of data, most people will prefer SSD solid state drives. According to the latest data, the SSD market accounts for 77.72%, and the erosion of the mechanical hard drive market has been irreversible.


SSD , mainly made of solid state electronic storage chip array, is composed of control unit and storage unit (FLASH chip, DRAM chip). SSD hard drives have the advantages of fast read and write speed, light weight, small size, and more thin and light. Therefore, whether it is a game application, video processing or daily office, SSD hard drives will bring higher efficiency.


In the context of more diversified application requirements, ICMAX continues to increase R & D investment to seize the broad SSD market. Currently, it has launched commercial SSD series of 2.5-inch, mSATA, M.2 NGFF, M.2 NVME and 2.5-inch etc.


Take ICMAX's 2.5-inch SSD S710 TX as an example. This SSD has a common SATA III interface, which is relatively thin , provides 6GB / s of bandwidth, has a very fast transmission speed, and has a capacity of 256GB . When facing the transmission of large files, it can save time and effort.

Demand for NAND Flash is soaring, will SSD prices still increase? ICMAX will accelerates the develop

At present, ICMAX has launched SSD hard drives with 120GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and other capacities. Whether it is for daily office, playing games or watching high-definition video, you can choose the appropriate capacity according to your needs. At the same time, ICMAX has the characteristic LDPC error correction technology, which can comprehensively improve the service life of NAND particles.


Whether it is an Apple system, a Microsoft system, or a Linux system, an Android system, ICMAX's SSD can exert its full strength on it, and is suitable for different platforms such as Intel, AMD, and domestic CPU Mega Core.


At present, due to the continuous expansion of the 'COVID-19', overseas consumer markets have been impacted, and international logistics and transportation have also been restricted. The domestic market in China is in a period of domestic demand.


In this context, ICMAX supply advantages are obvious.ICMAX headquarters and R & D laboratory are located in Shenzhen, while IC design center and packaging and testing center are located in Taiwan, and logistics warehouse center is located in Hong Kong. Production, manufacturing, and shipment are hardly affected by the COVID-19.

Demand for NAND Flash is soaring, will SSD prices still increase? ICMAX will accelerates the develop

As we all know, China's memory chip market has a large volume and rapid growth, but the localization rate is low. Therefore, whether it is external monopoly or domestic demand stimulus, the domestic substitution of memory chips has become the general trend. Coupled with the gradual stability of NAND production capacity, the COVID-19 battle is coming to an end, SSD prices have been reduced to a certain extent, and many people think that it is a good time to buy SSDs. Nowadays, the demand for SSDs in the domestic market is also continuously upgraded.

Demand for NAND Flash is soaring, will SSD prices still increase? ICMAX will accelerates the develop

In the future, H ICMAX will continue to study the technology, increase the research and development of memory processes, improve the performance of memory products, pay attention to the demand of enterprises, data centers and other key areas, based on the optimization and upgrade of commercial SSD series and wide temperature SSD series , Towards higher-end enterprise-level, service-level, and industrial-level development, to create SSDs with higher stability, larger capacity, and faster read and write speeds, and help memory “Made in China” to a higher level.

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