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New infrastructure ushered in new opportunities, ICMAX accelerates the localization of storage

Date: 2020-04-11
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The hard battle against the COVID-19 has not yet been fought, and the hard battle to rebuild after the COVID-19 has started again.Some analysts said that China, which is gradually emerging from the COVID-19, may become a global safe haven for manufacturing, thereby accelerating industrial transfer. With the arrival of the 'new infrastructure' outlet, the realization of this goal is accelerating. 5G, big data centers, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other fields,bring a new growth momentum to the semiconductor industry.

New infrastructure ushered in new opportunities, ICMAX accelerates the localization of storage

On the one hand, the new infrastructure poses massive, diverse, real-time, and diverse challenges to data processing.  The huge data tide constitutes the 'fundamentals' of the new infrastructure, which not only promotes storage and bandwidth to become more rigid, but also puts forward higher requirements on storage capacity and performance.

On the other hand, the domestic memory industry may usher in 'spring'. In the past two years, China has developed into the world's largest consumer of memory , but the memory market has been monopolized by US, Japanese and Korean companies.

Therefore, in 2020, domestic substitution will continue to become the main line of the domestic semiconductor industry. With the support of national policies, the domestic storage industry is accelerating to break through, and actively build a complete industrial chain of memory foundry, packaging, testing, and supporting equipment and materials.

Facing the new data challenges brought by the new infrastructure,  ICMAX has always insisted on independent research and development, forming an efficient and controllable data storage system technology. Stable and reliable upgrade of traditional application storage products, high-speed and agile development of new applications such as 5G, to meet the real-time data processing requirements of millions of IOPS, millisecond delay, and guarantee the extreme performance of storage.

In order to create a new ecosystem of 5G full scenarios, ICMAX will rationally deploy storage products in combination with different scenarios, and launch four major product lines of embedded storage, mobile storage, SSD, and memory to provide customized customization for different end customers.

It can cope with the higher speed and larger capacity in the 5G era, and can be used in eMMC, eMCP, UFS, UMCP in multiple scenarios such as smartphones, AR / VR devices, and in-vehicles, and can provide fast and reliable connections for mobile devices.

New infrastructure ushered in new opportunities, ICMAX accelerates the localization of storage

LPDDR3, LPDDR4, LPDDR4X, which combines high transmission speed and energy-saving design, is widely used in smart phones, tablets, etc. It is one of the current mainstream low-power mobile memory solutions.

New infrastructure ushered in new opportunities, ICMAX accelerates the localization of storage

Can meet the needs of ultra-thin notebooks, car electronics, etc., with 2.5-inch, mSATA, M.2 NGFF, M.2 NVME and other SSD series, can meet and exceed the computing needs of the 5G era.

New infrastructure ushered in new opportunities, ICMAX accelerates the localization of storage

High-speed and durable, balanced and stable, widely used in digital electronic equipment, security monitoring, driving recorders and other equipment TF card, can provide a variety of speeds and storage capacity, can greatly enhance the mobile experience.

DDR3 and DDR4 that can meet the needs of a variety of boxes such as set-top boxes, optical cats, and digital TV.

In the face of increasing market demand and the difficulty of providing stable supply to foreign brands, the domestic memory chip brand represented by ICMAX can independently develop, produce, and sell to ensure the stable supply chain required by customers.

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