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Deploying security storage market ICMAX builds China's "core" of monitoring systems

Date: 2020-03-28
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For a long time, security monitoring is essential for daily life and work: intelligent traffic monitoring has greatly improved the management efficiency of urban traffic; surveillance cameras on streets and alleys have ensured the safety of people's work and life; during the COVID-19, video surveillance has played an important role in medical assistance, epidemic prevention, and resumption of production and business.

Deploying security storage market  ICMAX builds China's

With the emergence of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and AIoT, security monitoring technology is becoming more intelligent. On the one hand, the security surveillance system involves a wide range of fields, including smart transportation, smart government affairs, education, retail, automotive electronics, smart communities, smart homes, etc .; on the other hand, the growth of network cameras will affect surveillance. Level storage puts forward higher requirements.

The need for large-capacity storage is increasingly urgent: video surveillance systems generally have many monitoring points, large video data streams, and long storage times,which often require higher storage capacity .

The storage device can work stably for a long time: Since the camera is generally working 7 * 24 hours, the duration of the write operation may be as long as 2-6 hours, which is also required for later playback. At the same time, it is required that the storage device has the characteristics of long-term work, high efficiency and stability.

The storage device has high bandwidth and is constant: the performance requirements of the storage device are very high,The faulty device can be replaced or expanded online.

Therefore, for the storage industry, security monitoring is not just for simple recording, storage and other tasks. As an industry-leading storage company, ICMAX has always led the R & D team to innovate technology and provide security from the terminal to the core. Monitoring storage product portfolio, continuously improving storage solutions to meet the diverse needs of the security monitoring market.


In response to the high reliability requirements of video surveillance for storage products, ICMAX has launched 2.5-inch, mSATA, M.2 NGFF, M.2 NVME,covering two mainstream interfaces: SATA and PCIe. with high speed and low power consumption, seismic stability, FW update, PCIe BGA and other advantages.

In addition, the SSD introduced by ICMAX can greatly improve the ECC error correction performance, has a longer service life, has a continuous high-speed video stream write, and can effectively respond to video data stream bursts, concurrency, and full coverage.

Deploying security storage market  ICMAX builds China's

Micro SD card

For security storage, high-capacity storage space, and high durability are becoming increasingly important. Based on this, ICMAX introduced a micro SD card that can meet various challenges brought by the environment. Its large capacity, high and low temperature resistance, high speed read and write performance, and stable read and write performance make it able to withstand long-term operation.

Deploying security storage market  ICMAX builds China's

Embedded memory

The eMMC launched by ICMAX has high performance, thin and flexible, low power consumption, and high compatibility. It can provide 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB multiple capacity options, and a professional team provides 7 * 24h flexible storage solutions Customized services to bring high-quality storage experience to customers.

Deploying security storage market  ICMAX builds China's

As the technology focus in the security field shifts from simple and traditional image data collection and storage to effective information mining and analysis of image data, ICMAX will continue to change technologies and strengthen independent research and development, and is committed to providing global security surveillance customers High-quality, high-security storage solutions .

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