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ICMAX Guarantees Employees' Normal Welfare

Date: 2020-03-19
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Under the COVID-19, a large number of enterprises across the country have suffered a lot.  With the outbreak of COVID-19 in Japan and South Korea and other countries, the epidemic situation is increasingly spreading globally, and global trade, production, consumption and investment have been severely affected.

The impact of the COVID-19 on various industries is different. For some companies, it is an opportunity, while for others, it is a threat or even a heavy hit. For the semiconductor industry, the outbreak of Japan and South Korea has brought great uncertainty to the supply chain. In high-end manufacturing fields such as silicon wafers, Japanese companies have an absolute advantage globally. The upgrade may affect the output of the entire semiconductor industry; as South Korea ’s Samsung and SK Hynix are global storage makers, the spread of the COVID-19 may accelerate the continuous rise in global memory chip prices.

For domestic memory chip companies, this is indeed a big challenge. In order to ensure the normal market supply of memory chips and carry out the company's business in an orderly manner,  ICMAX made timely arrangements for R & D and production during the COVID-19 after the official resume of work on February 10. The combined mode guarantees the normal operation of the work.

In fact, at any moment, employees and the company are a community of destiny that is closely linked. Everyone knows clearly that the company is the foundation of individual survival and a platform for personal career development.

Similarly, whether an enterprise's R & D, production, and sales can be carried out in an orderly manner, and how the company can develop and grow in the future are inseparable from the contributions and suggestions of each employee. Since its establishment, ICMAX has always paid attention to talents, cultivated talents, strived to build a talent development center, realized the development effect of talent innovation, and devoted itself to building a united, harmonious, professional and efficient team.

Facing this time, ICMAX, under the call of the state and the Shenzhen Municipal Government, has done a good job in COVID-19 prevention and control to make challenges become opportunities, and is committed to innovating in business models, organizational management models and products ,Strive to protect the health and welfare of each employee.

Protect employees 'lives and pay wages in full: ICMAX strives to increase revenue and reduce expenditures. Since February 1, the salaries of each employee returning to work have been paid in full, and home office workers have given different levels of salary ratios based on workload;

 Pay attention to employees' health and purchase protective materials: make health prevention and control manuals for employees, provide employees with masks, alcohol disinfectants, disposable gloves and other prevention and hygiene products; eliminate facilities and equipment in office areas, public places, and crowded places Prevent epidemic prevention; insist on daily temperature monitoring for employees;

 ICMAX Guarantees Employees' Normal Welfare

 Open remote office and conduct video interviews: for the staff of the COVID-19 center, the tasks will be divided into top-down tasks to each person in the form of 'online office' and 'remote assistance'; meanwhile, it will effectively reduce the gathering of personnel, and Under the conditions, take humanized measures such as video interviews and voice interviews;

 The management team leads by example and solves every difficulty: apart from completing work tasks, the mentality of employees is also very important. Each leader of ICMAX will regularly talk and help them solve their confusion and adjust their mentality.

 ICMAX Guarantees Employees' Normal Welfare

Only companies and individuals can work together and cooperate with each other to survive the 'cold spring.' In the coming days,  ICMAX will continue to accumulate all resources, dare to invest, dare to fight hard, and overcome the difficulties

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