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ICMAX sets up a fully automated large-scale DDR test machine Filling the domestic market blank

Date: 2020-03-14
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While the domestic novel coronavirus pneumonia has not yet fully improved, the global epidemic situation has gradually deteriorated. The ferocity of Japan and South Korea's novel coronavirus pneumonia has thrown a 'blockbuster' on the global semiconductor field.


ICMAX sets up a fully automated large-scale DDR test machine Filling the domestic market blank

As we all know, NAND Flash and DRAM resources in the global memory market are almost monopolized by South Korea, Japan and the United States. It is reported that semiconductor giants such as South Korea's Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have already been 'recruited', and Japan, as a major supplier of raw materials such as wafers, has also been affected. As the 'outbreak' in Japan and South Korea continues to expand and it is 'out of control', global memory chip prices will continue to rise, and normal production and transportation of related companies will be disrupted.


However, challenges and opportunities coexist. Many industry analysts have analyzed that if Japanese and South Korean semiconductor companies stop production or reduce production, there will have a chance for domestic storage companies. After years of development and  distribution, China has now grown into an important part of the global semiconductor industry chain. According to relevant statistics, the global semiconductor industry in 2019 is generally sluggish and has experienced a significant decline, but China has achieved a 16% growth.


Nowadays, national enterprises have also made great progress in key areas such as semiconductor design and packaging. The novel coronavirus pneumonia will accelerate new breakthroughs in the semiconductor midstream and upstream fields. At present, in the Hong Kong stock market and the A-share market, chip stocks are one of the hottest investment sectors, and have been chased by many funds, and a major logic behind them is domestic substitution.


The arrival of the 5G era has further accelerated the wave of the domestic semiconductor industry. Against this background,  ICMAX, based on its solid technical reserves and perfect upstream and downstream industry chain layout, accurately grasps China's long-term dependence on memory  imports. Problems, as well as huge market capacity and product demand, another approach is focused on the 'domestic substitution' market, providing industry customers with 'one-stop' customized industrial services to help accelerate the domestic substitution process in the memory industry.


ICMAX sets up a fully automated large-scale DDR test machine Filling the domestic market blank


Looking back on the industry development in the past two years,domestic reflections on the domestic integrated circuit and semiconductor industries have reached unprecedented heights, and domestic chip companies have strengthened technology, talents, and equipment. Investment in all aspects. The quality of the chip is inseparable from advanced research and development and equipment. In terms of talents,ICMAX has formed a high-quality talent team, and the number of research and development personnel accounts for 60% of the company's total number of people. The company's R & D personnel have many years of experience in all aspects of chip manufacturing, and have strong scientific research and development and technological innovation capabilities. At the same time, ICMAX has an independent R & D team such as HW / FW / SYS, and is equipped with a professional FAE team.


In order to ensure the good yield of the chip, ICMAX's large-scale automated DDR test machine will also be running recently. This device is used to detect DDR4, which has higher detection accuracy, better stability, and faster test efficiency, filling the domestic DDR4 full Automatic detection equipment blank. The test machine can not only effectively detect the function and performance of the chip under different working conditions, but also the fully automated operation can save manpower and time and reduce costs. In addition, a good test machine can also provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated test scenarios for scientific research, product development, and product quality control.


ICMAX sets up a fully automated large-scale DDR test machine Filling the domestic market blank


At the same time,  ICMAX has also created a stable supply chain that can go all out to support customer shipments; equipped with professional business personnel to tailor storage solutions for customers to minimize the impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia.


ICMAX sets up a fully automated large-scale DDR test machine Filling the domestic market blank


The chip is a leading and basic industry, which involves national information security, making the integrated circuit industry bigger and stronger has become the strategic leader of national industrial transformation. In recent years, the gap between China ’s integrated circuit technology and the international gap has been narrowing, and the industry has entered a track of rapid development. In the future, ICMAX will further expand the market share, promote the rapid growth of the domestic memory chip industry, develop and launch more chip products that meet market demand and are full of black technology. Create a win-win situation, and promote and accelerate the domestic replacement of memory chips.

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