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Date: 2019-11-22
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In 2019, the memory industry presented many opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the development of technologies such as 5G and AI has made the future smart living scenes have a large imagination space, and the demand for memory in mobile, home, car and office fields is also increasing;


On the other hand, the international trade situation is tense. In the first half of the year, NAND Flash and DRAM prices fluctuated drastically. The market demand for the terminal was also tepid in the global economic environment. The Chinese market has become the world's largest single market.


Nowadays, the localization of memory chips has been upgraded to the national strategic level. In the face of such a situation, how should domestic memory chips be used? How should national enterprises break through? More and more experience proves that if you want to be invincible in the fierce market competition, you need exchanges and cooperation between enterprises.


On the afternoon of November 20, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between ICMAX and StorArt was held at Shenzhen.The signing ceremony of this strategic cooperation is based on the theme of “Working hand in hand, creating a core pattern”. The two parties will cooperate with memory products such as embedded storage, SSD, TF/SD card to share resources and complement each other to improve product quality. Actively participate in and promote the development of China's memory ecology.


At the signing ceremony, Joly Li, chairman of ICMAX, and Denny Yen, chairman of StorArt, delivered a speech on the signing of the contract.William Hu ,the PM of StorArt and Bruce Yan, the PM of ICMAX, gave an in-depth explanation of the current industry, products and technology advantages.


After years of development of the integrated circuit industry, memory has always been a basic commodity in the semiconductor industry, and the market demand is huge. In recent years, the new generation of information technology revolution represented by cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence has developed rapidly, which has led to the growth of massive data and the increasing demand for memory.


Data show that China's 2018 memory imports are expected to reach 100 billion  dollars, more than 60% of global shipments, China has become the most important market in the global storage industry.


Joly Li, the chairman of ICMAX


Facing the broad market space, Joly  hopes that the cooperation between the two parties will be extended to various segments of memory products, strengthen open cooperation, and jointly expand the industry and expand the market. At the same time, build a converged industrial ecology, realize the ecological sharing, standard co-construction and channel promotion of both sides, thus driving the industrial prosperity and development.


Denny Yen, the chairman of StorArt


Denny also said that the market for memory chips is very large, accounting for about one-third of the overall semiconductor market. Therefore, it is necessary to develop memory chips and strengthen strategic cooperation.

William Hu ,the PM of StorArt


Bruce thought that how companies solve the growing demand for memory. First, they need a rich and complete product line. Second, they should have a professional sales team. And next, they need to provide customers with the ultimate experience. Last,they should to find a business Patner. The cooperation between ICMAX and StorArt will inevitably optimize resources and provide customers with high-quality storage services.


Bruce Yan, the PM of ICMAX

StorArt is a combination of more than ten years of experience in the flash memory industry. In just a few years, it has developed a full range of control chips supporting various flash memory manufacturers. StorArt has many years of experience in the IC design industry, and continues to innovate in the field of memory control chips. It is committed to deepening the technology in the Flash field and contributing to the development of  memory products.


Allowing users to store anywhere, anytime, has always been the pursuit of  ICMAX. As a new force in domestic memory,ICMAX has always insisted on independent design and development, packaging and testing, and adhere to the pursuit of quality. After 15 years of exploration and development, ICMAX has a rich product line, high-quality products, complete after-sales and service, and stable capacity supply guarantee.


ICMAX has built four product lines of embedded storage, mobile storage, SSD and memory, covering eMMC/eMCP/DDR/LPDDR/UFS/UMCP/SLC/SSD/NAND-

FlASH and other products.These products widely used in Handheld mobile terminals, consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, medical, office, automotive electronics and industrial control equipment.


On the road of localization of memory chips, ICMAX has always maintained its own characteristics and advantages. ICMAX's R&D team accounts for 60% of the company's total number, and has an independent FW/HW R&D team. The R&D center leaders are from well-known institutions such as National Tsinghua University and National Chiao Tung University, which fully integrate cross-strait industry resources and talents.


In terms of intellectual property rights, up to now, the company has applied for more than ten intellectual property rights, covering multiple product lines of memory chips.


 The strong alliance between  StorArt and ICMAX will inevitably push the combination of products and channels closer, and produce qualitative changes. In the future, ICMAX will work with new partner StorArt to create more diversified memory products, and use the strong strength of both parties to let everyone use more high-quality memory products to replace the localization of memory chips!

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