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Welcome the leaders of Nanning Municipal Government to visit ICMAX

Date: 2019-11-15
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On Tuesday, the leaders of Nanning Municipal Government visited ICMAX.

ICMAX gave the leaders a warm welcome at the office.The two sides exchanged views on the development status, business scope and future planning of ICMAX.


Welcome the leaders of Nanning Municipal Government to visit ICMAX


Present at the exchange meeting were Zhang Xianjin,Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nanning, Zuo Wei, Deputy Director of Nanning Management Committee, Wu Tiankui, Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau, Chen Kui, Deputy Director of the Finance Bureau, etc.Li Bin, the Chairman of ICMAX, Chen Xiang,the Marketing Director of ICMAX,and others, introduced and answered the company's development plan at this meeting.


Welcome the leaders of Nanning Municipal Government to visit ICMAX


At the meeting, Chen Xiang,the Marketing Director of ICMAX, gave a detailed introduction to the memory chip industry overview, environmental status, company's business scope and future development plans.


According to the development plan of ICMAX, the company is actively carrying out the construction project of the memory chip industry chain technology park, gradually realizing the localization of the wafer design business, establishing an industrial base with memory chip packaging and testing as the core, and finally achieving chip autonomy.


The implementation of the project will be able to fully integrate the industry's excellent resources, promote upstream and downstream linkages, resource sharing, results transformation, product iteration and technological innovation of enterprises in the park, thus filling the gaps in the domestic memory chip industry.


Welcome the leaders of Nanning Municipal Government to visit ICMAX


As the capital of Guangxi, Nanning is self-evident. Whether it is the strong support of policies or the development of talents, Nanning's position in the opening up of the outside world is more prominent. Prior to this, the Nanning Municipal Government and ICMAX had a pleasant communication. The meeting hopes to further deepen mutual understanding and promote deep exchanges.


The development of the chip industry can promote economic transformation and upgrade. In the future, ICMAX will continue to focus on memory core technology, increase investment in design and development, and highly integrate software and hardware systems to achieve our dream.

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