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Welcome The-AIO & Pohang Technopark of Korea to visit ICMAX again

Date: 2019-10-30
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Recently, ICMAX received representatives the AIO and Pohang Technopark from South Korea. Agroup of six people (The-AIO CEO Kwon JinHyoung , R & D director Han seunghyun, executive Lee youngmin, section chief Seo PanJong of  Pohang Technopark, Ben Kim, Michael Guan) visited ICMAX. The marketing director and R & D director of ICMAX exchange their views on embedded storage with visitors.


The-AIO & Pohang Technopark came from South Korea to visit ICMAX, aiming to carry out exchanges with Shenzhen high-tech enterprises . ICMAX welcomes all exchanges and cooperation related to the development of the storage industry with an open mind. It is reported that at the end of this month, the director of Pohang Technopark will accompany the mayor of Puxiang city to Shenzhen to meet with the mayor of Shenzhen.


As the saying goes, 'it's great to have friends from afar'.  The relationship between ICMAX and The-AIO starts from three years ago. Mr. Quan (CEO) of The-AIO visited ICMAX in 16 years under the introduction of his friends in the industry. After three years of rapid development, both the-aio and icmax have made new changes, and the development of the storage industry is changing with each passing day. With the application of a number of new technologies and the upgrading of old products, the two sides met again to have more in-depth exchanges.

Welcome The-AIO & Pohang Technopark of Korea to visit ICMAX again

Founded in June, 2011, The-AIO keeps innovation as a technical leader in NAND Storage solution field. With outstanding technologies and rich experiences in both HW and S/W, The-Aio pursues total storage solution provider with most competitiveness in the market.The-aio has its own unique R & D experience in eMMC and SPI.ICMAX also invested heavily in storage R & D. The two sides made in-depth and effective communication with SPI master control in eMMC performance technology R & D and application fields.

Welcome The-AIO & Pohang Technopark of Korea to visit ICMAX again

ICMAX, a modern high-tech enterprise working on design and development of semiconductor memory chip, was established in 2004.We build a brand-new excellent R&D Team in 2016, with experienced leader who are highly educated. We have advanced technology. Three important product will be developed in this year: UFS, Umcp, SSD.We'll focus on application of all these product and enlarge out customer groups.

Welcome The-AIO & Pohang Technopark of Korea to visit ICMAX again

ICMAX thanks The-AIO and representatives of Pohang Technopark for their visit. At the same time, we also welcomes domestic and foreign enterprises to visit ICMAX and exchange ideas with each other. We look forward to the next visit.

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