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In response to the "Healthy China Action" ICMAX holds Health Lecture

Date: 2019-08-22
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According to the report issued by the authoritative data agency, only 15% of the population in China conforms to the WHO definition of health, with 15% of the population in the state of disease and the remaining 70% in the state of 'sub-health'.National health issues have attracted great attention of the country.


Responding actively to the national call, ICMAX invited Professor Jiang Qianying, a senior national health administrator, to give a lecture on safety and health knowledge to all staff on August 17. The purpose of the lecture is to help staff learn, understand and master the health knowledge,such early detection, emergency rescue, timely medical treatment and rational administration of drug.

In response to the

The lecture was useful. It was easy to understand by combining the explanation with the case. The lecturer shared a lot of health knowledge that could not be contacted at ordinary times. In order to live a healthy life, it is nothing more than a reasonable diet, proper exercise, psychological balance and regular physical examination.But it is not easy to do one of them well, such as reducing salt, sugar and oil in diet, wechat exercise at least 10,000 steps a day, adjusting the state of mind to maintain a happy mood, regular physical examination.


A set of data was shared in the lecture. The highest cancer diseases incidence of men is lung cancer. Women is breast cancer. What’s more, lung cancer is the highest incidence of all cancers, the highest mortality rate of cancer. Six in 10 patients with cancer is lung cancer, with which deaths in 70% of patients. The lung can not feel pain, so it is difficult to detect at early stage. Please take care of your lungs, away from smoke and dust.


At the lecture, all the staff of ICMAX listened attentively and interacted actively with the lecturer. Everyone is the first person in charge of their own physical and mental health. Sometimes it was not that they did not pay attention to their physical and mental health, but that they lacked health knowledge and how to pay attention to it correctly. The health lecture has played a good role in promoting the health awareness ,improving self-health management ability, and achieving healthy work and life. It is the time to do this!

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