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Release time: 2019 - 11 - 22 The number of clicks: 25
In 2019, the memory industry presented many opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the development of technologies such as 5G and AI has made the future smart living scenes have a large imagination space, and the demand for memory in mobile, home, car and office fields is also increasing; On the other hand, the international trade situation is tense. In the first half of the year, NAN...
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On Tuesday, the leaders of Nanning Municipal Government visited ICMAX.ICMAX gave the leaders a warm welcome at the office.The two sides exchanged views on the development status, business scope and future planning of ICMAX.  Present at the exchange meeting were Zhang Xianjin,Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nanning, Zuo Wei, Deputy Director of Nanning Management Committee, Wu ...
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Recently, ICMAX received representatives the AIO and Pohang Technopark from South Korea. Agroup of six people (The-AIO CEO Kwon JinHyoung , R & D director Han seunghyun, executive Lee youngmin, section chief Seo PanJong of  Pohang Technopark, Ben Kim, Michael Guan) visited ICMAX. The marketing director and R & D director of ICMAX exchange their views on embedded storage with visitors....
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