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In 2020, the focus of new network technologies is not limited to 5G, and there is WiFi 6 that has recently attracted more attention. This latest wireless local area network standard will soon play an important role in the future of the explosion of smart devices,and become the preferred technology for building wireless networks in family life, corporate offices, and industrial Internet. The c...
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Although the smartphone market in 2020 has been affected by the COVID-19, it is still smoldering. This spring, the 5G mobile phone war officially kicked off. Interestingly, in addition to dense cameras, Wi-Fi6 technology, and under-screen fingerprint recognition, major mobile phone brands have also focused on storage-LPDDR5 memory and UFS3.0 storage. With the increasing demand for smartphone ...
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Due to the widespread home office, online teaching, and online shopping, the demand for smart devices such as laptops and tablets has increased dramatically in various countries around the world. NAND Flash benefited from the rising demand for enterprise-grade SSDs and increased prices. In addition, NAND Flash is more tight than DRAM in the supply and demand environment, so the price increase is m...
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