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On the afternoon of September 24, the 16th China-ASEAN Expo, the China ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, which was based on the theme of 'Building the Belt & Road, Realizing Our Vision for a Community of Shared Future ', ended in Nanning, China. It lasted for four days from September 21 to 24. And ICMAX was invited to attend the summit.  ICMAX attended the signing ceremony of Nan...
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According to the report issued by the authoritative data agency, only 15% of the population in China conforms to the WHO definition of health, with 15% of the population in the state of disease and the remaining 70% in the state of 'sub-health'.National health issues have attracted great attention of the country. Responding actively to the national call, ICMAX invited Professor Jiang Qianying...
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The monthly basketball game of ICMAX started on July 6 , at catic shahe industrial park basketball court.The opponents were the tiger team VS the eagle team.The difference of this match was that  the eagle addeed a new player, a fresh graduate.She loves basketball so mush.She was one of the brightest stars on the basketball court.The basketball game was really unprecedented wonderfu. Entering...
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