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Release time: 2020 - 03 - 28 The number of clicks: 6
For a long time, security monitoring is essential for daily life and work: intelligent traffic monitoring has greatly improved the management efficiency of urban traffic; surveillance cameras on streets and alleys have ensured the safety of people's work and life; during the COVID-19, video surveillance has played an important role in medical assistance, epidemic prevention, and resumption of prod...
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Under the COVID-19, a large number of enterprises across the country have suffered a lot.  With the outbreak of COVID-19 in Japan and South Korea and other countries, the epidemic situation is increasingly spreading globally, and global trade, production, consumption and investment have been severely affected.The impact of the COVID-19 on various industries is different. For some companies, i...
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While the domestic novel coronavirus pneumonia has not yet fully improved, the global epidemic situation has gradually deteriorated. The ferocity of Japan and South Korea's novel coronavirus pneumonia has thrown a 'blockbuster' on the global semiconductor field. As we all know, NAND Flash and DRAM resources in the global memory market are almost monopolized by South Korea, Japan and the Unite...
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