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Time flies, half of Magic 2020 has passed. In the past six months, the COVID-19 has been raging and spreading around the world, and various economic data of various countries have fallen steeply. In 2019, the overall memory chip market was sluggish. It was not until the last three months that the situation began to improve.  Now, in the context of the unclear COVID-19 situation and the gloomy...
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At present, the global semiconductor industry is in the growth phase of a new round of innovation. With the gradual restart of the global economy, the development of 5G, WIFI6, Internet of Things and other technologies, the market demand has gradually improved. The demand for terminals such as remote office, e-commerce, online education, and online games has continued to increase. The requirements...
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This week, it's not very calm for the chip circle. The U.S.'s crackdown on Huawei upgrades, the lack of core has once again touched every Chinese, and the domestic substitution of chips is at an urgent time.Chips are the 'important of the country'.At present, China is already self-sufficient in some chip categories, but it is still subject to people for a long time in storage and other categories....
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