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ICMAX post-sales statement

Date: 2017-04-19
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One, after sale announcement:

ICMAX guarantees no material and design problems for the storage products it sells. ICMAX proof in the case of normal use, due to the material or design defects caused by the product itself process, will provide the product as a part of the repair or replacement for the same level of the product. The products that are repaired or replaced will enjoy the same after-sales service and commitment and have the same performance as the new products. (replacing the product may be a repair or repair material).

(1) the above statement is not right because of an accident, natural disaster, error, and using environment, artificial damage, and unauthorized disassembly, repair and modification of the damage or be ICMAX proved to be normal product of the original factory production is responsible for the damage.

(2) the above statement is only for the product hardware itself. The ICMAX is not responsible for the loss of data due to hardware damage, nor does it provide data recovery and backup services.

(3) the above statement is only for the product hardware itself, and the parts attached to the product are not guaranteed. The accessories include but not restricted to the following items: microSD adapter card (card case), hanging rope, suspension, silicone, leather cover, hard disk holder, external connection wire... And so on.

The way of the future is full of challenges, but also full of opportunities and in our challenges, overcome difficulties, seize the opportunity, dare to dare to do, too, make great flourishing group's highly respected in the industry, the global leading group companies, excellent semiconductor material innovation!

Second, the post-sales commitment:

ICMAX TECHNOLOGIES  CO., LIMITED, the following abbreviation ICMAX, sincerely thank you for your choice of ICMAX!

Customer satisfaction is the best affirmation of ICMAX. Constantly communicating with our customers, improving our work and satisfying our customers, is our eternal pursuit.

(1) the quality assurance agreement -- -- In the past, the group has been led by integrity and the quality is fundamental. Pursue excellence and strive for self-improvement as a corporate culture. Since 2014, we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in cooperation with well-known Taiwanese chip packaging testing manufacturers, and we have signed a quality assurance agreement with all our partners. Reassure customers, satisfy customers, and be responsible to customers.

(2) close service 24 hours a day -- -- in order to guarantee the normal production and operation of the partners, who cooperate with ICMAX customers, our company will appoint a detailed FAE one-to-one docking with the customers. Our customer service and engineer will solve the problem for you in the first place whenever the customer meets ICMAX.

(3) customer bad treatment -- -- the defective product sent by the customer, the quality of the ICMAX will be carried out in accordance with the ICMAX finished product shipment inspection standard sampling, result of sampling observation of defective product yield less than 10%, accept your return, if the bad product checking the yield of above 10%, will fall back you can send the defective product, and the related freight charges shall be borne by the customer. Accept customer's return if the customer agrees to add the test fee. (the concrete expense will be negotiated according to the product type), within 10 working days after receipt of the RMA all specification and quantity of good parts back to you (too much quantity in accordance with the actual situation to discuss the return time), the fine products, fine products including product repair or new products.

(4) returns management -- --customer return products must comply with the relevant management regulations of the ICMAX, such as customer returns does not meet the following requirements, ICMAX will not live up to its promise. Rules are as follows:

 neat goods according to the same classification, using standard products bearing plate plate and packing belt or coated packaging good play, the corresponding model and quantity and logos;

 product label without covering, related material number, serial number clearly identifiable;

 return the application form is correct;

 return and pick up the goods at the time the product model, such as consistent;

 bad product phenomenon description and physical objects.

Free technical support:

If you have trouble using ICMAX to store your product, you can contact the ICMAX technical support department as follows:

Telephone: 0755-82769293




The above is ICMAX storage products after-sales statement and promise, the statement and commitment will replace all other oral or written guarantee, and ICMAX has reserve the right to adjust and eventually explain. In addition to the statement and commitment of the product stated above, the ICMAX will not acknowledge any other warranties stated or implied in oral or written form. At the same time, in the case of the law allows, ICMAX will not responsible for purchasing but unable to use our products, or abnormal use conditions, losses, costs and other collateral damage.

ICMAX post-sales statement

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