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The enterprise culture

Company vision:


Become one of the leading global semiconductor material innovation, the revitalization of China's national industry (China core, macro prosperous dream), built the enterprise staff of a better life.Leading Chinese semiconductor memory chip development direction, creating excellent team, become the industry highly respected, global excellent semiconductor material innovation enterprise;Through continuous change, leading industry healthy development, sunshine, green development, make enterprise staff and partners share ICMAX development results.


Company mission:


China's indigenous memory chip has been developed by indigenous innovation to bring the Chinese national brand ICMAX to the world. ICMAX forge ahead, dare to dare to do, doing the world first, is committed to continuous innovation in the field of semiconductor chip materials, energy conservation and environmental protection for customers in the world, the outstanding performance of Chinese native memory chips, China national brand ICMAX out of China, towards the world, improve the quality of people's life, and realize sustainable development.


Core values:



Honesty is the foundation of ICMAX, development treasure.

The faith is the core of the culture of hongwang ICMAX.

The honesty reflects the adherence to the business rules by ICMAX.

The sincerity reflects the belief that ICMAX pursues enterprise sustainable development.

Honesty is the least professional and business ethics of ICMAX.

Squared integrity, consistency, adhere to the justice, take youdao. For social good faith, the good faith to the government, the good faith to the customer, the supplier integrity, honesty, to the shareholders of staff integrity, to be honest with all partners.


Innovation is the soul of ICMAX.

The only thing that remains constant is innovation.

Squared enterprise sustainable, rapid changes in the external environment and require active ICMAX old innovation, and keeping the need to constantly cultivate the innovative spirit of enterprise, the enterprise constantly adapt to the external environment and market changes.

No innovation, no development. The market is changing rapidly, the market is like the battlefield, only the spirit that insists and innovation is ICMAX develops.

In order to meet our customers' needs, we are enterprising and enterprising, and we are open and innovative. We insist on customer's requirement, have the spirit of dripping water, accumulate experience and continue to improve the customer's demand.

Innovation is the new integration of old resources, innovation is the soul of ICMAX, and The Times is the best embodiment of innovation.


1 + 1 > 11, ICMAX has no perfect individual, only the perfect team; The team has a heart, and the yellow earth turns gold.

The ICMAX is an active part of the team, willing to accept help and work with the team. Respect and support colleagues and strengthen team cooperation.

Make constructive comments before the decision, and fully participate in the discussion of the team. After the decision, whether or not the individual has any objection, it must be fully supported by the words and actions, and truly the center, the voice.

Actively sharing business knowledge and experience; Offer the necessary help to your colleagues; Use team strength to solve problems and difficulties.

Being good at working with different types of colleagues, clients, and not bringing personal preferences into your work is a good example of the principle of not being right.

The "enterprise as a home industry, career as a career", with a sense of ownership, positively impacts the team and improves team morale and atmosphere.

The structure of people's words is mutual support, and winning in cooperation is the principle of ICMAX.


This is a dedicated, dedicated and dedicated business

The customer of ICMAX needs a professional, effective service.

Put the limited resources of the enterprise into the business and domain that ICMAX is good at.

The ICMAX's love work ethic is embodied in your expertise in business knowledge, service and commitment to customers.


Home and everything, business and everything

"The governance of the state, such as the governance of the enterprise, and the governance of the enterprise." Peace and wealth are the best of all.

To establish a harmonious and harmonious working atmosphere and cooperative mechanism within the enterprise.

Squared enterprise external establish harmonious coexistence, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit cooperation mode and development platform, responsible for the customer, the anxious customer, want to customers think, grow together with customers and common development.

Win-win situation:

We will work together to achieve common development

To think about your interests, you must first consider others' interests.

Don't trade with people who only consider their own interests.

In the game of business action, ICMAX seeks a balanced win-win situation.

Squared provide system, fast and high quality services to the customers, exceed customer expectations, keep winning and return the trust of the customers, enhance the level of customer service, improve customer competitiveness and profitability;

To build a integrated supply chain platform with suppliers, and work together to make progress.

To help employees achieve their personal dreams, to seek material and spiritual happiness, to create a wonderful life.


Be thankful and be thankful. The grace of dripping water comes to the stream

The water of water, the flow of water, the gratitude, the knowledge of the newspaper is the principle of ICMAX.

Be thankful and thankful. Be thankful: thank your parents, your customers, your colleagues, your superiors, and everyone who has helped me.

The ICMAX loves to work, to be grateful, to find fun in work and life, to do what he wants to do.


Enterprise motto:


The word will be done, and the fruit of the word will be made, and the union of judah will not be silent. ICMAX President li bin with "word, in deed," as his motto in life, in the process of enterprise development, for all his personal motto gradually inside guide, and gradually become the motto of the enterprise.

Business philosophy: achievement of customer, achievement oneself

Macro prosperous ICMAX along the way, rapid development, and establish the industry leading position, is adhering to the "customer success is the only way to make your success" business philosophy, all take the customer first, the customer can benefit themselves, based on continuous innovation, customer requirements to provide clients with tailored and cost leading high quality products and solutions, thereby enhance customer competitiveness and profitability of the product. Achievement of your own, while achieving your clients.

The standard of employing: a little victory depends on intelligence, a great victory. People do their best

ICMAX is a management (institutional process rule of law), not a machiavellian. ICMAX judgment is to man, can play a positive role in the sustainable development for the company, if is ICMAX advocate of "can", if you don't accept "can't" is ICMAX, ICMAX looking for is capable, educated, honest, know Thanksgiving person, rather than the boss after, pocket. In the talent selection, ICMAX focuses on four aspects:

1, vocational skills and skills; Value orientation; 3, personality traits; self-knowledge

On the problem of choose and employ persons, adopt the objective standard is not affected by personal feelings, for the company to provide all kinds of needed talents, encourage internal existence have different personality and character of the talent, tolerate differences. Make the relationship in the company centered on "responsibility and purpose". A man does his best, but he does his best. Preserve individuality and promote democracy. ICMAX think is more important than the degree of knowledge, intelligence is more important than knowledge, quality is more important than intelligence, consciousness is more important than quality (quality: control and self-restraint ability, self-management and self-discipline; enlightenment: the sense of responsibility, sense of mission and sense of urgency, upward mobility, enterprise, enterprise, etc.).


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